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 Our story 

IN 2008

Our parents decided to grow macadamia on their farm. Growing up, we were blessed with pure and healthy macadamia nuts in our kitchen. We love these nuts. It’s natural with fascinating health benefits, not to mention the positive impacts the trees have on our environment. 

Parents have given us their best.

Today, we give our future generations our best, a choice of high-quality macadamia nuts that taste fresh and natural. 


In order to do that, we learn to be attentive to the nutshells. Based on the variety of the tree, soil, and climate where the nuts come from, macadamia nutshells have different thickness and hardness levels.

Therefore, we believe cracking it one by one will

protect the kernels from being damaged.

We create “single cracker” and put it in practice.

Our macadamias are cracked one by one. The kernels are protected, so is the taste and its nutrient values.

Families and kids have in hand an option to enjoy a bite of pure and natural macadamia. That’s our motor to keep moving forward. 

Creativity creates “in-shell”.

Our favorites

in-shell macadamia

The Queensland - Originated nuts hail from the harmony of the EAST and the WEST. The natural and original taste is fully preserved from planning to harvesting, from grower's hand to yours, from land to hand.

Experiencing the finest taste of the world most

nutritious nuts becomes easier than ever!

naturally flavored macadamia

Macadamia nuts are freshly-taken out of its shell then roasted at the perfect temperature to keep the nutrients, its natural butter-like flavor, and creamy yet crunchy texture intact. Using 100% natural ingredients, our macadamia snack packs are your healthy choice of snack.

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