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As you may know, macadamia is considered as one of the healthiest nuts in the world. Macadamia nuts offer a lot of essential vitamins and minerals for the body, including vitamin A, B, iron, folate, magnesium, protein, healthy fats, antioxidants, and more. They are also rich in oleic acid and omega 9, known as monounsaturated fatty acids. What amazes people is that in 28 grams of macadamia nuts, there are 201 calories, 21 grams of healthy fat, NO cholesterol, and an insignificant amount of sodium. In addition, there are a number of important mineral components in the nuts, such as:

  • 2 grams of protein (4% of daily value)

  • 1 milligram of iron (6% of daily value)

  • 4 grams of fiber (10% of daily value)

  • 2 milligrams of copper (11% of daily value)

  • 37 milligrams of magnesium (9% of daily value)

  • 53 milligrams of phosphorus (5% of daily value)

  • 3 milligrams of thiamine (23% of daily value)

  • 1 milligram of vitamin B6 (4% of daily value)

In a nutshell, with this extravagant and diverse nutrition, macadamia nuts will have your health covered.


Macadamia Calories


Let’s get to the key question of this article: how many calories are there in macadamia nuts? In fact, 100 grams of macadamia nuts consist of 718 calories that ensure adequate nutrients at a balanced level. It also means that you can use macadamia as a replacement for your existing food. So how many macadamia nuts per day is enough? According to experts, you should prepare 28 grams of macadamia nuts per serving. Eating 15 to 20 macadamia nuts (equivalent to 100 grams) every day will make your skin look smooth, youthful, anti-aging, reduce cholesterol to help blood circulation and reduce plaque buildup. Macadamia is the perfect snack you can have in your snack box. You can comfortably munch the macadamia snack without worrying about weight gain or obesity. On the contrary, it helps you lose weight.


Talking about losing weight, macadamia nuts seem like the ideal option, especially if you are in Keto diet. Keto diet is known for its low-carb and high-fat diet that help you get in shape quickly. What's more, this diet also helps prevent dangerous diseases caused by diabetes. And of course, macadamia nuts play a crucial role. Specifically, the amount of starch per day will fall below 50 grams, replacing it with fat accounting for 75% of total daily calories and protein accounting for 20% of daily value.


In macadamia nuts composition, apart from the minerals and vitamins supplementing the body, there are 78% to 86% of monounsaturated fatty acids omega 7 in these nuts, especially palmitoleic acid that helps raise beneficial cholesterol, reduce harmful cholesterol. These nuts help reduce the risk of high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and excess belly fat. To successfully follow this diet, you need to reduce the carbs amount and get more healthy fat. A diet low in fat and high in carbohydrates will not help you lose weight, in fact, you only burn carbohydrates and store fat in your body. Therefore, if you want to pursue Keto mode, burn body fat, you have to reduce the carbohydrate content of your daily diet and take in plenty of good fats.


Many studies show that high-fat food like macadamia nuts creates fast and long satiety, while low-fat diets will make you eat faster and more frequent than ever. Macadamia nuts are a very good choice in the diet because the carbohydrate content is only 4 grams per half-cup. 100 grams of macadamia nuts (equivalent to 50 nuts) contain only 5 grams of carbs. With direct eating, Keto dieters can eat 5 - 10 macadamia nuts every day evenly divided into meals.


Macadamia health benefits


Being regarded as one of the healthiest nuts in the world, macadamia has a lot of benefits to offer. First, macadamia nuts help you protect your heart. Moreover, because these nuts contain unsaturated fats, they can help you to stabilize cholesterol levels. Antioxidants also provide many benefits to the cardiovascular system. According to experts' research, macadamia nuts are one of the most nutritious nuts for pregnant women. They contain a variety of minerals, vitamins, omega 3, 6, and 9. It helps stabilize blood sugar levels which makes it a great choice for people who are having diabetes.


Macadamia nuts are extremely valuable for not only good for the digesting system but also very nutritious for young children. Macadamia is the nutrient boost your kids need to be more active. These amazing nuts also supply lots of fiber, aid digestion, and minimize constipation. It also offers high culinary value and beautifies your skin. Last but not least, it's also good for your skeleton because the phosphorus and manganese in macadamia help the body to deposit new bone tissue, which helps strengthen bones as people age.


A Side Note While Having Macadamia


If you have some health issues with your kidney, you should limit your intake of macadamia nuts. When your kidney doesn’t function well, you will not be able to remove phosphorus from the blood. In that case, high levels of phosphorus will cause itching and other problems. Besides, they can also cause allergies. Depending on the severity, you should consider whether to eat macadamia nuts. It is best to consult a doctor’s advice if you have severe kidney problems.

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